In noticed this error when I was trying to create a new GKE cluster:

ERROR: (gcloud.container.clusters.create) ResponseError: code=403, message=Insufficient regional quota to satisfy request: resource “IN_USE_ADDRESSES”: request requires ‘9.0’ and is short ‘1.0’. project has a quota of ‘8.0’ with ‘8.0’ available. View and manage quotas at

GCP by default has a limit of 8 static global IP addresses per project, we need to raise that limit to make this error go away.

We can see the current limit with this command:

gcloud compute project-info describe | grep STATIC_ADDRESSES -C 2

Sadly, there is currently no way to increase quotas from gcloud cli, so we need to use the web UI.

From the console, search for quotas and select the IAM & Admin result:

GCP Quotas Search

Once in the quotas page, filter by Compute Engine API service and Static IP address global quota:

GCP Quotas Filter

Here, we can see that our current limit is 8. To request an increase in the quota, select the row and click on Edit Quotas:

GCP Quotas Edit

Then we need to increase the quota limit. We can choose 10, for example:

GCP Quotas Increase

Google asks for some personal information before submitting the request:

GCP Quotas Personal Information

And finally, we’ll get a confirmation that the request was submitted:

GCP Quotas Success

We might need to do the same process for In-use IP addresses in the region:

GCP Quotas In Use IP Addresses

I received an e-mail telling me that the request will take 2 business days to be processed, but a few minutes later I received a confirmation of the increase (Probably 20 minutes in total).

Once the quota increases are done, we should be able to proceed with the cluster creation.

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